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How do I get Paid?

how to get paid? how to get paid?
* Configure & connect our payment plug-in to your own plug-in to start charging. To learn more about how to charge for your plug-ins click here

I noticed there was significant demand for the ability to view items in multicurrency on marketplace however that does not exist as a feature on Arcadier.

I decided to create a Plug-In for it and now I am earning recurring income from new marketplace admin installing it

Vadhel Hitesh

Freelance Plug-In Developer

what to do

What do I need to be a Plug-In Developer?

Ready to start creating your Plug-In on Arcadier but not sure what skills you might need?

  • • HTML & CSS Web development Knowledge
  • • Javascript, jQuery, Node.js library knowledge
  • • Experience with using APIs


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