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What does the Marketplace Analytics & Report Generator Plug-In do?

The Marketplace Analytics & Report Generator plug-in is a useful tool for marketplace administrators to understand the overall performance of their marketplaces over different time periods, in the form of reports and visualization charts.


Performance at a glance

With this plug-in, administrators can easily identify the marketplace's best-selling items, best-performing merchants, most used payment gateways and look get insights on into who their most active buyers across specified periods of time are. The indicators that can be viewed include:

  • Orders
  • Items Sold
  • Items Refunded
  • New Merchant vs New Buyer Ratio
  • Average Revenue per Merchant
  • Average Commission Fee per Merchant
  • Registered to non-Registered Users
  • Total Logins
  • Average Purchases per Buyer
  • Average Order Value


Key Features 

ANALYTICS MADE EASY – Turn numerical data into dynamic graphs

Whether it's the number of orders per quarter or the total revenue of your marketplace, this plug-in allows you to observe many trends at a glance by automatically retrieving and plotting the data on dynamic graphs.


CUSTOMIZABLE REPORTS – Choose your metrics for analysis

Specify dates for viewing, select the categories you want to examine, and analyze your marketplace's performance based on what you have chosen. 


PRODUCT INSIGHTS – Know what is trending among your consumers 

Identify popular items and merchants, or find out which payment gateways the majority of your orders are flowing through. You can easily analyze the consumer trends of your marketplace. 


USER ANALYTICS – Understand your users' behaviour and observe trends

Arrange and rank merchants and consumers on your marketplace based on different categories such as expenditure, revenue, order volume, or even login frequency.



Download your marketplace data in CSV for further analysis with external tools.



For more information on how to use this plug-in, please refer to our help guide.

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