Recommended Retail Price Fields

By Arcadier


What is the Recommended Retail Price Fields Plug-In?

The Recommended Retail Price Fields plug-in allows the merchants on your marketplace to display the Recommended Retail Price (otherwise known as the Original Price), next to the discounted price of the items that the merchants are selling.


Emphasize on the special prices 

Motivate consumers to make their purchases - let them know that they're making great savings!

When a consumer is shopping on your marketplace, they will be able to see the Recommended Retail Price displayed next to the discounted price they will actually be paying. Consumers will know that they are getting a good deal on the item they are interested in, encouraging them to make the purchase.


Key Features


Merchants simply have to input the two prices: the Price (discounted price) and the Original Price (Recommended Retail Price) on the Item Upload page of the listing.


When a consumer views the listing on the marketplace, both prices will be displayed, with the Recommended Retail Price price struck out. Consumers on your marketplace will be paying the discounted price on check-out. 


For more information on how to use this plug-in, refer to our help guide.

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