In Arcadier, addresses can be used by many different functionalities in the system. By using the different properties, you are able to use addresses for the following: 

  1. Pickup Location
  2. Address book in the checkout page
  3. User’s address in login and settings page
  4. Item’s location

In Arcadier, the address book in the checkout page and the user’s address in login and settings pages are using the same things. Simply set delivery to “true” if you want to use this particular address in those pages. Pickup location in Arcadier meant a prearranged place where the Consumer goes to collect their item from the Merchant. Once created, these Pickup location will appear in the Item upload page for the Merchant to select which pickup point is available for that particular item. The Merchant has an endpoint to list out all the pickup is “true” addresses and then link the PickupAddresses ID to the item during item creation. 

For Spacetime, location is mandatory during item upload so that the items can be shown in a map. Once the Merchant create an item, a location ID will also be created. Even if items are using the same address, different Address ID will be created.

For authorization, the Consumer, you are only able to read and write your own addresses. Except for Consumer - Get Pickup Method by Item ID, it allows Consumer and Guests to read all Pickup locations for a particular Item, so that one can choose a location for checkout. For Merchant, you are able to read and write yours own and Consumer’s addresses. And for Admin, you are able to read and write all user’s addresses in your marketplace. 
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