A shopping cart in Arcadier is a piece of software that keeps a record of the items a Consumer has chosen from the Marketplace. This cart saves the items, variants, qty and delivery type that the Consumer has selected, it also the Consumer to make modifications, add additional item, delete items and to select certain items for checkout. 

As you add an item into the cart as a Guest or signed in Consumer, a Cart ID will be created. If you add items of different variant combination into the cart, multiple Cart IDs will be created. This is the same for identical items with different shipping method. You can then select which Cart ID you want to select for checkout. For the checkout, please refer to the checkout section. 

When you add an item into the Cart as a Guest, an Access token and Cart IDs will be created. You can then save this access token into the cookies. When you add an item into the Cart as a signed in Consumer, Cart IDs will be created.  

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