An Item usually refers a physical item that Merchant sell to the Consumer. In Bespoke, it can mean an item object, for example a physical product, a classified listing and a service listing without calendar etc. If your Item needs a calendar engine attached to it, like a hotel booking, rental space booking - any service which involves time - please do refer to our Item (Spacetime).

Arcadier Item resources allow you and your Merchants to create products in Marketplace.

Items in Bespoke can posses various variants, which are basically different “models” of the same item. (Example: Size, Color, etc.). You can also add or update images to your items, as well as prices, shipping methods, pickup methods, and every detail a buyer would want to have about an item.

Admins and merchants have access inventory details about their items, like identification numbers, stock numbers, visibility, purchasability.

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