In this section, we are going to control and edit the user accounts in Arcadier. For onboarding of accounts or account creation, please refer to the authorization section. In Arcadier, everyone is a user account, and Consumer, Merchant and Admin are user accounts with a role attached to it. By default, a newly created user will given the Consumer role. To become a Merchant, you need to convert the Consumer role to a Merchant one.

For authorization, the Consumer, you are only able to read and write your own user account. For Merchant, you are able to read and write yours own and Consumer’s user account. And for Admin, you are able to read and write all user accounts in your marketplace.

Time Zone is more relevant for the Spacetime template. In Arcadier’s database, we are using Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) as the standard time for item scheduling. For Merchants in the Spacetime template, the Merchant’s time zone will determine the timing of their services in the marketplace. This will be helpful For example, a Merchant has indicated using Singapore time (GMT+8) in his settings page, all bookings made by the Consumer will be in the Singapore time zone, regardless of the Consumer’s time zone.

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