Cart level discount


Some discounts are applied to the total price of items in a cart. If you use Arcadier’s front-end as the buyer facing interface, then you can use our Discount Coupon Generator (Arcadier’s in-house built plug-in) for free. 

You can add this plug-in to your marketplace by clicking here.

You can also refer to guides on how to use this plug-in here.

Note: This plug-in only works if your buyers will be using Arcadier’s front-end to do purchases. In other words, additional customisation would be required if you intend to use Arcadier’s marketplaces via a CMS.


How is this important for developers

Cart level discount cannot be implemented directly via APIs. If you are building a Content Management System (CMS) and want to build a cart level discount engine, you can do so by inspiring yourself from this sample code.