Live Environment

Live Cloud Environment is where the final product resides. This contains customize configuration per client that suits their business needs, ranging from software backups to high grade hardware specifications. Live environments can be in a shared pool or dedicated cluster depending on the load of the client’s marketplace. At this stage of development, there will be three personas involved, Arcadier, Expert Partner and Client.

Arcadier is responsible to manage the cloud infrastructure of the client ensuring it is up and running for 24/7 as per agreed SLA. Depending on the client’s subscription system backups will be performed. For Enterprise clients Arcadier will also do a smoke test for every release.

The Expert Partner will ensure the customisations created for the client are working. It is the Expert Partners responsibility to do whatever tests are required to ensure the function of the customisations satisfies client requirements.

The Client is required to make known their approval for all satisfactory releases or to notify of deficiency in any release as soon as they become aware of a problem.