Arcadier SDKs

Arcadier has 80+ APIs that enable you to customise your marketplace, whether via a Plug-In or an app built from scratch. Our SDKs perform as a wrapper that removes the need for developers to build HTTP requests from scratch, resulting in fewer lines of code but achieving the same result.

Currently, Arcadier has SDKs in two languages: PHP and Node.js. More languages will be added over time to reach as many developers as possible. 

Key benefits of using SDKs:

  • Improved development speed.
  • API calls simplified to basic call functions and are easier to work with.
  • Allows the developer to focus on other aspects of development like UI/UX design.
  • Update to Arcadier's APIs are more easily installable - a developer will not have to re-write code each time Arcadier makes changes or enhancements to an API.

Who will benefit from the SDKs:

  • Developers who want to integrate their existing, or build their own, Content Management System (CMS) with a backend powered by Arcadier, where Arcadier handles all business processing needs and functions for a marketplace.
  • Developers who want to incorporate Arcadier's marketplace product as one of the features on a web or mobile app.
  • Developers who want to build a specific 'marketplace feature' on their website, e.g. just the checkout flow within a blog or the creation and listing of items on a display website.

Accessibility to Arcadier's SDKs

Clients who would like for their developers to use our SDKs must be subscribed to Arcadier's Scale or Enterprise packages

Currently, access to our SDKs is only available to Arcadier accredited Expert Partners. All our Expert Partners will have access to our private Github repository where the SDKs are automatically available to install and use.

Please note that for development on Scale packages, our SDKs can only be used in PHP language. 

Learn more about our developer community here or join and become an Expert Partner by filling out this form.

If you have any questions regarding our SDKs, you can contact our development team here

Arcadier SDK for PHP quick links

  • Learn more about our PHP SDK on our PHP guide page.
  • Full Arcadier PHP SDK documentation can be found at:
  • All the details of Arcadier's PHP SDK can be found at Arcadier/arcadier-php on GitHub. Access is only available to Arcadier's Expert Partners. 

Arcadier SDK for Node.js quick links

  • Learn more about our Node.js SDK on our Node.js guide page.
  • Fill Arcadier Node.js documentation can be found at:
  • All the details of Arcadier’s PHP SDK can be found at Arcadier/arcadier-node on GitHub. Access is only available to Arcadier's Expert Partners.