Test Environment

This cloud environment is solely for internal use of Arcadier. Test environment will contain all the consolidated changes ranging from bug fixes, features and upgrades being currently developed by Arcadier developers after it had been passed from Peer Pull Request. QA team will also serve as a vital role on this development cycle, every after a developer had finished it task QA will automatically follow an isolated testing for the ticket to determine if it already passed the requirements. In the end after all the features had passed initial testing. Regression testing commences at this environment. Arcadier’s regression process executes 90,000 tests over 150 man-days and 35 machine days for manual, automated and integration testing to ensure stability. Within the process, bug fixes and redeployment to the Test server until all anticipated functionality works as expected. After passing QA on Test Arcadier will commence another round of Regression in its Staging Environment.