Sandbox Environment

Sandbox environment is for Expert Partners to test expectations of the systems usage, verify if code modifications work as expected, and to receive rush updates of features not yet released. It resides on the Arcadier cloud infrastructure and is mainly used to deploy bugs and feature enchantment done through plugins or the headless API template. To mimic the behaviour and data of Live, with the approval of the Expert Partner, Arcadier can assist with updating files and data from the Live Environment to this environment. This is to ensure that Expert Partners will have an identical behaviour as experienced in Live, so releases are the most bug free possible while deploying development for the client. Arcadier will also give a helping hand to our Expert Partners in any way they can, pointing to the correct resource to assist development or debugging, even if this involves analysing the feature request of the client and finding ways to accomplish it through Arcadier’s platform. If platform changes are required to complete a task, Arcadier will always use a Developer Local environment to accomplish the task and will only push changes to Sandbox once approved by the Expert Partners. At this stage of the development process, once the Expert Partners are satisfied and done with the changes, it is required for the Expert Partners to do testing with their changes and run a regression testing before Arcadier can promote the changes to Staging Environment.

Sandbox is also ideal for Clients to become familiar with the Arcadier system and to learn how to operate the marketplace features. Training of the Client and testing should be done in Sandbox Environments.