Developer Local Environment

This is the initial environment where all development starts and the pillar of all stages in the development life cycle. This code and files reside on the developers’ local machine for debugging, building of features and testing. There are two personas involved in this stage or development, Arcadier and Expert Partners.

In terms of Arcadier developers, they are the ones who manage the core API’s and out of the box template functionality offered by the platform. Its development involves solution design for the features and resolving bugs for the current sprint.  During the process, developers use their own machine and the git branch to develop while using the Arcadier Test Environment data and files. They are also responsible on testing the feature locally to ensure it meets the standards and specifications expected. After doing so, those changes are ready to be issued as a Pull Request. The PR or Pull Request is a processed whereby developers do a peer-review check of the code that was built. This ensures that codes are built to Arcadier’s standards and also checks are performed to see if there were any logical errors that would break the business requirement or any other part of the system. When the PR is done, the code change will then be merged to Arcadier’s development branch and will be ready to be deployed to our Test Environment for its first round of regression. In the case of a hotfix or rush release an exception approach is used. Arcadier’s developers will still do the development locally and ensure it meets functional requirement. Once done, the changes will be pushed to a Clone branch. The Clone branch will be merged back to the Release branch after PR has been done. These changes will only be specifically tested in isolation on Arcadier’s Test Environment and Staging Environment, but will be included on the immediately next sprint regression when the Clone branch is merged back in.

On the other hand, for Expert Partners, they will be the one who analyse and build the requirements given by the clients, with intimate support from Arcadier Engineers. Code changes in terms of the Arcadier’s plugins are still done on the local machine of the Expert Partner Developer and can only be deployed after they had their own regression performed via automated testing on the Sandbox Environment or Staging Environment with the approval of the client for demo and test purposes.