Introduction to different environments in Arcadier



In Arcadier, there are different environments serving different purposes (i.e. Sandbox environment, and Live (Production) environment). Each environment has their separate database and user accounts, and you will need to have separate marketplaces, admin and user accounts for each environment. The data are not portable and you will need to set them up separately. Do also take note that the Arcadier developer dashboard accounts are unique to each environment, which means you need to have 2 accounts in order to develop, test and publish your plug-in. 


Live (Production) environment is where your actual marketplace sits, this is also the site where your merchants and buyers transact. Your Live (Production) environment marketplace URL domain is the one that you signed up with when you create a marketplace on the Arcadier platform. The URL usually looks like 


The Sandbox environment is where you develop and test your integrations and Plug-Ins. This environment is always updated has the latest codes and features, and you are able to develop against the latest code base. The URL of the sandbox marketplace is the one you have chosen when creating one. Refer to “Create your Sandbox Marketplace”  


If you are on the Scale package, please refer to for the schedule updates. You will also need a Scale sandbox version that is unique to Scale customers. If you are a Scale customer or you are developing for a Scale customer, please contact our support (link to support email) for access. 


We understand that there is a need to test your latest codes with real live data to ensure everything running smoothly when you launch. You are able to use the “Backups and restoring copies of your marketplace” function to port data over to a specific sandbox marketplace. This feature can be found on your admin portal once you are given access. If you are a Scale or Enterprise customer or Expert Partner, please contact our support for access.