Scale Versioning

Release schedule

We are introducing the SCALE stable version for our SCALE customers in response to you wanting a more flexible and stable platform to customise your features on. Arcadier SCALE will release a new version every 3 months at the beginning of the quarter, starting from April. The version names are quarter-based to prevent any confusion (for example, Q1-2021). Below is our planned release schedule for 2021:


SCALE Stable version Release date Date stable version is supported until
Q2-2021 1 April 2021  30 June 2021
Q3-2021 1 July 2021 30 September 2021
Q4-2021 1 October 2021 31 December 2021

We strongly recommend updating your private Plug-In(s) to ensure they work with the latest version every quarter. After the SCALE stable version the release date, your sandbox will be updated to the upcoming version and you will be notified via email. Your automated test scripts will be run against the upcoming version and inform you of any errors your Plug-Ins might face.


During this period, your development partner can review and update your Plug-Ins against the latest version on sandbox. Do remember to also update your automated test scripts while you are updating your Plug-Ins.