Front-End Documentation

This documentation shows the front-end documentation of the Arcadier Marketplace platform. It consists of the key information offered to developers to find the right IDs or classes needed to modify the existing elements through custom coding or plug-in development.


This documentation only provides the information for: 

  • All themes in the Bespoke template (Retail goods) 

  • All themes in the Spacetime template (Rental & Services)

On each page of the documentation, you will find:

  • The URL of the page / element

  • The list of elements on that page

  • The element with screenshots and the code snippets where you will be able to find the ID or class name


Example on how to use the code

“I want to hide the seller info in the storefront page”

$('.storefron-top-right').css({ display: "none" });


storefront-top-right can be found in Bespoke Store Front