Introduction to Advanced API References

Advanced API References provides a more in-depth guide on how to create flows and manage things like Users, Orders and Inventory via APIs and Plug-Ins.


Inventory Management

Managing Variants - Learn how to use variants in Arcadier's API Requests

Moving Items across Categories - Learn how to shift items across categories in a marketplace

Item Visibility and Vetting - Learn how to manage the visibility and purchasibility of an item in a marketplace

Custom Fields - Learn how to create and filter custom fields 


Order Management

 Cart Level Discount - Learn how to implement a Cart Level Discount 

• Merchant Level Discount - Learn how to implement a Merchant Level Discount via our APIs

• Change of Payment & Fulfillment Status - Change and update payment & fulfillment statuses via our APIs

 Email API - Create and customise Emails via our Email API

Delivery 2.0 - Create different shipping rates depending on price or weight of the item


User Management

Passwords - Reset or update passwords via our APIs

Registering Users - Learn how to upgrade roles in a marketplace

Social Media LogIn and Single Sign On - Learn how to single sign-on using social media accounts via our APIs