Product updates

We are constantly adding and enhancing our platform with new features.
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Features Updates

Stripe Holding Funds

The ability to hold and release funds open up the ability to accept different modes of payment in Arcadier. This feature gives administrator more flexibility to customise their marketplace to best suit their business needs. Click here to find out more. 

Stripe Holding Funds

Calendar block out feature enhancement

Your sellers will be able to make specific dates and time unavailable for bookings whenever they upload a listing. Read more about this feature here!

Calendar block out feature

Deletion of user from Waiting List

Arcadier now allows admins to remove users from the waiting list. Find out more on how to use this feature by clicking here

Deletion of user

Buyer filter enhancement feature

Arcadier now allows admins to have a Buyer search, on top of the currently available merchant search. This will allow admins to search their transactions via the Buyer name. Find out more about this feature by clicking here

Buyer filter enhancement


Patch Notes

Core features/enhancements

· Spacetime Core - Availability Calendar/ Date picker enhancement on date blocking down to the time.

· Stripe Holding Funds settlements or release of funds from the Admin to the seller.

· Loading Animations - Admin portal (User list, Item list and Transaction list) UI display showing that the marketplace is processing the users request.

· Deletion of user from Waiting List new capability of the Admin.

· Buyer filter feature that can be used by Admin in filtering marketplace transactions.


· Items with translations to show the correct data when called via GET Item APIs

· Delete Cart Item API to support partial refunds.

Change logs

· Core

· Fixed a bug on Purchase Details page displaying empty fields.

· Fixed a bug that displays white page after clicking Clear button for filter.

· Fixed a bug location map not displayed when adding or editing an item.

· Fixed a bug on Order List, unable to search Order No. on Search Bar field.

· Fixed a bug on seller Order Details page displaying wrong availability time pulled upon checkout.

· Fixed a bug not reflecting correct payment status after updating it from Transaction Details page.

· Fixed a bug on Order seller SV page, timestamp displaying ‘Null’ when order is from Failed Transaction.

· Fixed a bug with Payment Status filter not working.

· Fixed display issue on chat status on Inbox page.

· Fixed a bug that computes wrong Total Cost when Discount Commission is enabled.

· Fixed a bug that computes wrong Admin Fee when Discount Commission is enabled, through Negotiation.

· Fixed a bug on Order Details and Admin Transaction Details page displaying 3 numbers after the decimal on Coupon Discount value.

· Fixed a bug on Checkout page when Stripe 3DS plug-in is turned on.

· Fixed a bug that displays Scale panel on Subscriptions page when marketplace is a Scaler subscriber.

· Fixed a bug on Add/Edit page for an item, user is unable to delete variant choice.

· Fixed a bug on Search Results page when searching an item with apostrophe.

· Fixed a bug on Admin Subscriptions page displaying ‘Free Trial package’ even if marketplace is already subscribed to Scale.

· Fixed a bug on variants options displaying null value and variants value deleted after editing the item.

· Fixed a bug validating email address field that has the required value.

· Fixed a bug on Transaction History list that generates an invoice, even if user has cancelled the checkout.

· fixed a bug that shows a special character when translating using the following languages: Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Swedish on the pages About Us, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Return Policy, FAQ and Contact Us.


· Fixed a bug not updating Order Status on PO Details, Transaction List and Transaction Details page after seller or admin updates the Order Status.

· Fixed a bug not letting the user to book or negotiate even if selected date is available for overnight booking type.

· Fixed a bug that triggers ‘Paid’ status upon updating Order Status.

· Fixed a bug that lists incorrect order statuses for transactions with no delivery/pickup when using Cash on Delivery and Offline payment method.

· Fixed a bug that causes Calendar to go missing upon adding blocked dates for service/item for non-24/7 schedule.

· Fixed a bug on transactions missing PO’s when using Stripe, Custom Payments and Cash on Delivery/Offline payment.

· Fixed a bug that triggers multiple Approval Notice EDM to be sent when there is multiple approval flow.

· Fixed a bug unable to click Reset and Apply button on filter section of Search Result page.

· Fixed the alignment displays from Payment Status column.

· Fixed a bug with chat bubbles not displaying on buyer and seller Chat Details page.

· Fixed a bug on Quotation Details page not displaying ‘QTY’.

· Fixed a bug user unable to search item with special characters.

· Fixed a bug on seller PO Details page not displaying Order Diary.

· Fixed a bug on seller Dashboard not reflecting Total Visit and Most Viewed.

· Fixed the redirection issue to Chat Details page after user clicks Contact Supplier button from Item Details page.

· Fixed a bug with EDMs not received by sub-accounts.

· Fixed a bug displaying incorrect location in Storefront.

· Fixed a bug not reflecting ‘Delivered’ status on PO Details when updating it from PO List.

· Fixed a bug disabling the search results after displaying the filter panel.

· Fixed a bug displaying contact number and email in Supplier section for seller PO Details page.

· Fixed the server error message when navigating to seller and buyer PO Details page.

· Fixed a button display issue on seller PO Details page.

· Fixed a white page display from Create Quotation page, upon clicking ‘Create Quotation’ button.

· Fixed the unresponsive ‘Create Requisition’ button from Cart page if item does not have variants.

· Fixed the server error after clicking ‘Negotiate’ button from Item Details page.

· Fixed a bug on Inbox page not displaying latest message preview for chat.

· Fixed a bug user can toggle to ‘YES’ an item that Admin has set the purchasability to NO

· Fixed the server error upon clicking PO number from Invoice Details page.

· Fixed a bug on Add Item page user is unable to add an item with or without bulk and variants choices.

· Fixed a bug on Purchase Order Details page displaying empty Order Status.