Product updates

We are constantly adding and enhancing our platform with new features.
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Features Updates

Meta Item Listing

Arcadier's latest feature, Meta Item Listing, allows administrators of rental and services marketplaces to further classify similar listings together, enabling a smoother user experience on the platform. Find out more on this feature here


Mass Upload (Users)

The Mass Upload feature allows administrators to bulk upload a list of users to the marketplace. This eases the process for onboarding new merchants and buyers onto the marketplace. Click here for more information on the feature. 

Mass Upload

Admin Portal Sales List Enhancement

The 'Sales List' page has been broken down to enable easier access for marketplace administrators. Administrators can now view sales figures on three pages, 'Orders', 'Invoices', and 'Transactions'. Click here to find out more. 

Admin Portal Sales

Patch Notes

Core features/enhancements

· Sales pages – consolidated the details and status on its own list for Orders, Invoices, Transactions

· Mass Upload User feature - feature that will allow the admin to add or list users for their marketplace using CSV file upload

· Meta Item listing – allow the admin to standardize listings and offer flexibility to merchants

Change log

· Fixed a bug displaying wrong default status for Orders

· Fixed a bug translating TOTAL EARNED field, when using automatic translate or modified translation.

· Fixed a bug causing an error when accessing a menu option from the admin sidebar.

· Fixed a bug prompting user cannot access requested page of User List and Item List.

· Fixed a bug not allowing user to onboard using special characters on field name.

· Fixed a bug on ‘Revert to Default’ button, unresponsive upon click.

· Fixed a bug on ‘Default Value’ field not accepting decimals.

· Fixed a bug that reverts the status to a default upon refreshing the page showing Order Status, and Delivery Fulfillment Status.

· Fixed a bug causing an error when user adds an item to Favourite listing

· Fixed a bug where a user is not able to revert to default an email template

· Fixed a bug on users’ header missing menu

· Fixed a bug that triggers an error message, when user tries to access the admin Item List

· Fixed a bug that triggers error access on admins User List and Item List

· Fixed a bug that triggers server error when accessing Merchant Sub-accounts, and Activity Logs

· Fixed a bug about missing details from Status Configuration feature

· Fixed a bug triggering validation error message from Low Stock Notification feature

· Fixed a bug displaying additional fields from Item Add/Edit page

· Fixed a bug with the page pagination of Quotation List

· Fixed a bug that triggers an error when navigating to Search Results page

· Fixed a bug not displaying payment methods from admin and user transaction list

· Fixed a bug not displaying the modified Invoice number

· Fixed a bug not triggering ‘Review prompt’ EDM to be sent

· Fixed a bug with Google and Facebook button not saved after editing from Login Configuration page