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Features Updates

User Deletion on Admin Portal

User Deletion on Admin Portal

Arcadier now allows administrators to delete registered users from the marketplace through the marketplace administrator portal via the user list control dashboard. Check out our help article for more details.

Auto-Purchase/Renewal of SSL Certificate


Arcadier now provides marketplace administrators the ability to purchase 3rd-party SSL certificates which can be directly connected to your custom domain URLs right from the marketplace administrator portal. Find more information on this hassle free purchase of SSL certificates, you can view help article.

Patch Notes

Core features/enhancements

·       All EDMs sent to Merchant and Buyer that have the marketplace URL as sign off will show as the selected primary domain from the Custom Domain menu.

·       Viewing CSV download in admin’s chosen timestamp. Admin can select from the 'Select Timezone' dropdown, and timestamp on the CSV will be reflected accordingly

·       Admin ability to delete users from Users List

·       Computation of amount for Total Purchase Cost: Total Purchase Cost = Order Subtotal + Delivery fee

·       Direct seamless SSL purchase and automated setup for custom domain

·       Translation keys added on the following pages: Purchase History, Order Details and Delivery Settings. 'SELLER NAME', 'ORDER STATUS', 'Payment Status', 'Payment Type', 'REFUNDED', 'Seller Country', 'Select All' and 'Select None'

·       (API web-template) Chat Details page, added a fixed width for the items name to avoid it from overlapping the chat window

·       (Retail goods template) Added 'Seller Name', 'Order Status' column and updated logic for Order Total from buyer Purchase History List (each row is showing an order, invoice with multi-merchant will show as multiple rows)

Frontend Template

·       Transaction history (Buyer, Seller, Admin): Giving the values a separate div from the field headers


·       Location ID APIs (Not documented yet) 


·       fixed a bug displaying toaster message upon clicking Purchase button with all required fields filled-in from Custom Domain page

·       fixed the Server Error message when redirecting to Failed Transaction List page

·       fixed the Error 500 message upon sign-up for Admin onboarding

·       fixed a bug displaying incorrect value on the list from Merchant filter

·       fixed a bug that that sets to ‘NO’ the Enable this Email Notification toggle after clicking ‘Revert to Default

·       fixed a bug not saving changes made by Admin on Service Location Edit Item page

·       fixed a bug displaying multiple times an item on multi seller checkout

·       fixed the blank page display from Admin Announcement page

·       fixed a bug not displaying Add-ons on from Translate page

·       fixed a bug where all date in calendar is blocked out when operating hours 24/7 is toggled to NO

·       fixed a bug displaying wrong format of Transaction Timestamp

·       fixed a bug with newly onboarded marketplace not able to choose a subscription

·       fixed a bug that retains selected filtered options upon revisiting Failed Transaction List

·       fixed a bug when editing a service with block out date/s

·       fixed the display issue for Latest Listing using mobile

·       fixed a bug not displaying automatic or modified translation for Cash on Delivery in Purchase List

·       fixed the missing calendar upon clicking offer/chat button for mobile users

·       fixed a bug not translating Delete Delivery Rate popup after selecting a language

·       fixed the unresponsive Cancel button from Delivery Settings

·       Cancel Order EDM email subject has been corrected

·       New Order EDM displaying ‘Bulk Cost’ upon using email customization has been corrected

·       fixed the issue with missing translation keys for ‘Select All’, ‘Select None’ and ‘Select Country’ in Delivery Settings page

·       fixed the incorrect label for Pickup section

·       fixed a bug on empty and incorrect display of default content on Edit Text – Admin pages upon selecting non-MVP language

·       fixed the issue with missing translation key for ‘Refunded’

·       fixed a bug not saving translations from Edit Translate Item page

·       fixed the duplicate translation key for ‘ORDER STATUS’ text

·       fixed the display issue of custom filed checkbox on Admin Edit Item page

·       fixed issue on missing translation keys for Payment Status and Payment Type

·       fixed a bug not showing Cancelled Order EDM on Email Template and Edit Text

·       fixed the issue of unable to link Omise account when inputting long user description

·       fixed the Payment Status value not in sentence case

·       fixed a bug with selected checkbox from custom field not displayed in the Item Details page or selected upon checking Edit Item page

·       fixed a bug from Order List page displaying failed transactions

·       fixed incorrect displayed item image from New Order and Order Confirmation EDM

·       fixed a bug with Announcement toggle button set to Yes upon clicking Edit

·       fixed the empty display from Order Status in Order List Details page

·       fixed the incorrect timestamp from Received Order EDM

·       fixed a bug that allows merchant to create and send offer to a disabled recipient account

·       fixed a bug with Item Details page not displaying Reply button for seller in a review

·       fixed a bug on Order List and Details page no order displayed upon changing from Failed to Acknowledge

·       fixed the missing word ‘Booked’ on Calendar upon scrolling the Item Details page using mobile

·       fixed the redirection issue from Review Prompt EDM

·       fixed a bug that pulls the wrong payment status when a transaction is moved from Failed Transaction list

·       fixed a bug causing users to be redirected to Arcadier’s domain when accessing the marketplace with custom domains

·       fixed a bug with subscription EDM not sending when marketplace has gone over the monthly transaction limit

·       fixed the unresponsive Add Now button in Add/Edit Service page

·       fixed a bug with specific items with variants to be checkout using Omise

·       fixed a bug where video is not playing in Slider for IOS users

·       fixed the button label from ‘UPLOAD ITEMS NOW!’ to ‘ADD ITEM NOW!’ EDM

·       fixed a bug displaying wrong information details in Stripe 3DS page

·       fixed a bug linking Omise not working when sub-merchant is setting it up

·       fixed a bug that displays different content on Merchant Dashboard upon login as sub-account

·       fixed the missing ‘Cookie Policy’ in Edit Text page dropdown

·       fixed a bug on service upload page for auto translate of Service Details when editing the service

·       fixed a bug with Export CSV button printing XML file in Firefox

·       fixed the Date Picker display issue from Homepage

·       fixed a bug with labels on calendar changing when zooming IN/OUT of the page

·       fixed a bug displaying error page upon clicking Create Account button on Invite Sub Admin for the second time

·       fixed a bug for incorrect display of ‘Booked’ on Availability calendar

·       fixed a bug displaying ‘Ready For Consumer Collection’ as Order Status

·       fixed the broken image on Admin Permission and Activity Log page

·       fixed the spaces on Delivery Details page

·       fixed a bug when user continue with Google and Facebook (Login Config) keys are the same for Login and Private Login edit text pages

·       fixed a bug from Buyer and Seller Waiting List, ‘Interested’ still showing after sending the invite (2018)

·       fixed a bug duplicating log of Welcome Mail and Change of Payment EDM on Mail Logs

·       fixed the missing Countdown Banner in all Admin new pages

·       fixed a bug with Sign Up button labeled as ‘Sign’ in Guest Checkout from Order Confirmation page

·       fixed a bug displaying incorrect map in Custom Field – Location

·       fixed a bug where only one item/listing (latest uploaded) is shown or pinned on the map when two or more items/ listings are uploaded with the exact same address

·       fixed a bug with Export Activity Log CSV date filter not working. It shows all results instead of the chosen date only

·       fixed a bug on Item Details page no Reply button for feedback using sub-Merchant account

·       fixed a bug Activity Log and Invite Sub-Account buttons are switched. Invite Sub-Account button not aligned correctly for mobile and desktop users

·       fixed a bug for no pup-up when user try to click other sidebar menu for unsaved edited translations for Title Panel

·       fixed a bug on no format validation for single panel URL on Admin Layout page

·       fixed a bug that accepts username with space during onboarding

·       fixed a bug on Admin Mail Log no email logs displayed

·       fixed a bug on all custom fields showing codes after adding special characters in the Admin Portal Custom Field page. Checkbox became text fields

·       fixed bug of incorrect display of Item List when entering merchant storefront

·       fixed a bug on mandatory custom fields not highlighted in red when left blank

·       fixed a bug that allows seller to enter blank feedback in Booking Details page/ Item Details page

·       fixed a bug where deleted admin account can still access other pages if the Admin did not logout

·       fixed a bug with variant ‘Option Choices’ does not auto-add when using comma(,)

·       fixed a bug on delivery details page with modified language on checkout item

·       fixed a bug on automatic and modified translation not working on ‘Back’ link text on chat page

·       fixed a bug ‘/user’ present on URL in private marketplace login