Product updates

We are constantly adding and enhancing our platform with new features.
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Features Updates

New Image Cropper

Users now have a new image cropper experience with faster resizing capabilities

New Image Cropper

Multi-Admin Capability

Admin can now allow multiple accounts to access the admin portal 

Merchant Sub-Account Management

Admins can enable merchants to invite other email accounts to manage their merchant portal




Delivery / Pick-up Toggle Options

Admins can disable the delivery/pick-up option for their marketplace


Checkout Page Delivery/Billing Address Toggle Option

Admins can now disable the need for buyers to fill up their delivery/billing address



Cookie Consent Feature

Admins are able to tell their marketplace users that they are using Cookies in their marketplace website. 



New Content Management Layout

Admins are able to enjoy a better user experience when designing the look and feel of their homepage. 

Adding Videos to your Slider

Admins are now able to add MP4 videos to their sliders 

Set Number of Latest Listings to Display

Admins can now decide how many latest listings to display on their homepage.

Patch Notes