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We are constantly adding and enhancing our platform with new features.
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Features Updates

New Marketplace Type: Space Rental

We have launched a new marketplace type for users who wish to rent out a physical space e.g. Airbnb, Sharedesk, Yardclub

New Session Durations: Day/Week/Month/Custom

Sellers now have the added option of uploading a listing and charge per day, per week, per month. There is even custom session duration for added customisation e.g. per 30 mins, per 2 weeks or per 3 months.

Add Ons

Sellers can value add to their listings by providing add ons e.g. insurance, forklift or refrigeration for a fee. Buyers can select the add ons they require and this will count towards the total price of the transaction.  

Multiple Quantities

Sellers can now set a maximum number of services provided/items and each successful transaction will depreciate this number so sellers can manage their resources better and not disappoint buyers.

Retail & Goods marketplace type:

Service Bookings/Rental Goods/Space Rental marketplace types:

Patch Notes