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Features Updates

User Whitelisting

Administrators can now control access to their marketplace like never before. The whitelist/blacklist feature enables admins to allow/exclude specific email domains to register on or even access their marketplace.
With the whitelist function, only administrator-approved domains are able to access the marketplace. On the other hand, the blacklist function restricts access to domains that administrator does not accept. You can find out more information about this feature by clicking here.

User Whitelisting

Merchant Permissions

Merchants now have the ability to completely control all access settings of their sub-merchants' accounts, allowing them to set distinct seller portal permissions according to the job scope of different team members.
This feature not only provides the main merchant account with the authority to allow/restrict access to particular sections of the seller portal according to specified users or groups, but also set the different permission actions sub-merchants are allowed to do, such as view, add, edit or delete a section. Click here to find out more about this feature.

Merchant Permissions

Admin Commissions

Marketplace administrators can now manage and edit commission fees types on their marketplace, including the default commission fee!
This feature provides flexibility and convenience for marketplace administrators to change their commission fees whenever they need to. Click here to find out more on how to use this feature!
Admin Commissions

Patch Notes

Change log

· Fixed a bug on the loading time for the Users List.

· Fixed a bug causing unresponsive Purchase button from Purchase SSL page

· Fixed bug not triggering the toaster message upon toggling User Access or before deleting user.

· Fixed the broken plug-ins image from Admin Plug-ins.

· Fixed a bug not displaying custom user fields on User Settings page

· Fixed a bug on unresponsive fields when user onboards using mobile.

· Fixed a bug not triggering loading animation on Users List and Items List.

· Fixed a bug when filtering ‘Consumer’, search results Admin & Sub-Admin user typ

e was included.

· Fixed a bug with the search function when doing keyword search for requisition number.

· Fixed a bug on Approval Notice EDM missing marketplace logo.

· Fixed a bug validating custom user fields that has values from User Settings page.

· Fixed a bug with the Category dropdown, not selecting the sub-category of a parent category.

· Fixed a bug with the Sales List filter, unable to filter by Category.

· Fixed a bug that logs two entries of Order Confirmation on the Email Logs page.

· Fixed a bug with the Item Fields list not retaining the arrangement after being edited.

· Fixed a bug user was unable to search exact item on Items List search field when name is a compound word.

· Fixed a bug guest user unable to delete an item in the cart page.

· Fixed the unresponsive Subscribe button from Subscription page.

· Fixed a bug user not able to search an item name containing percentage symbol.

· Fixed Save button display issue on Admin Delivery page.

· Fixed a bug on Item Details page of an item name with special characters.

· Fixed a bug that redirects seller to homepage after clicking Add Shipping option.

· Fixed the unresponsive Add Option button on Checkbox and Dropdown custom user field.

· Fixed a bug displaying ‘str’ on Admin Edit Text fields.

· Fixed a bug Admin not receiving new seller sign up EDM.

· Fixed a bug not displaying Invoice No. in Requisition Details page.

· Fixed a bug in Inbox page not displaying preview of messages on the list.

· Fixed a bug not displaying the time selection dropdown from Item Details page using mobile.

· Fixed a bug with pagination on Sales List page.

· Fixed a bug generating incorrect invoice, purchase order, quotation, and requisition sequence number.

· Fixed a bug on Edit Item page delivery and pickup values are unticked after modifying approved toggle button.

· Fixed a bug on loading animation behavior after clicking Send Quotation button.

· Fixed a bug not saving homepage panel.

· Fixed a bug not saving block date after the Block out for full day(s) checkbox was selected.

· Fixed a bug that duplicates a reply of seller in Storefront and Item Details page.

· Fixed a bug showing incorrect last logged in values (Users List).