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We are constantly adding and enhancing our platform with new features.
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Features Updates

Setting User Custom Fields

Marketplace administrators can now create and manage custom fields in their marketplace onboarding process. This new feature helps marketplace administrators gather additional merchant and consumer information, according to their unique marketplace needs. Find out more on this feature. 
Setting User Custom

Marketplace Subscription Plugin

Marketplace administrators can now monetise their marketplace using subscription-based charges instead of only commission-based fees. This provides administrators flexibility to charge their merchants based on the monetisation model that best suits their business. Discover how to enable and use this feature.

Marketplace Subscription

Managing Admin User Permissions

This feature allows the primary marketplace administrator to clearly distinguish areas of responsibility for specific groups of admin users. This aids administrators in establishing team management by creating different administrative roles & types, each with unique Admin Portal permissions, and assigning specific admin users to them. Click here to learn more about this feature.
Managing Admin User

Patch Notes

Core features/enhancements

· Admin Permissions – feature that will allow the Admin set permissions (View, Add, Edit, Delete) admin pages for Sub-Admins.

· Custom User Fields - feature for managing and adding custom user fields on merchant and consumer onboarding.

· Merchant Settlement status column in Transaction List – enhancement to display status of holding funds for merchant payout.

· Update on the Admin portal sidebar label, icon, and header label

· Admin User List – enhancement 'Invite Admin' button is now part of the page. 'Admin & Sub-admin' new User Type label and User Details for Admin & Sub-admin

· Pagination – enhancement of the feature on three admin pages

· Subscription’s plug-in – it will allow the Admin to create a subscription plan for merchants to the marketplace., as way of membership.

Change log

· Fixed a bug not displaying ‘Start Selling’ from sidebar when logged-in as Sub-Admin.

· Fixed a bug with transactions not showing that used Stripe Holding Funds as payment method.

· Fixed a bug with upgrading marketplace subscription when using previous billing information.

· Fixed a bug that prompts user with an error message when enabling and saving Return Policy feature.

· Fixed the server error when accessing User List page

· Fixed a bug that redirects user to an error page after login.

· Fixed a bug displaying Admin’s Consumer profile from User List.

· Fixed a bug after clicking Request a Booking or Contact Seller

· Fixed a bug when user tries to checkout an item from Cart page.

· Fixed a bug when deleting Add-ons from an item.

· Fixed a bug not saving edited items with Add-ons from Admin portal.

· Fixed a bug with Order Status dropdown that displayed ‘Created’ status when using card payments.

· Fixed a bug not allowing the Admin to save an item after editing it to add variant options.

· Fixed a bug displaying error page when accessing Stock Low Notification feature.

· Fixed a bug displaying discount coupon value when no promocode was applied.

· Fixed a bug not sending ‘Review’ EDM after changing ‘SellerEmail’ to ‘AdminEmail’.

· Fixed the incorrect display of Cookie Policy after setting marketplace private.

· Fixed skewed display of background image from pop-up on the Admin Private Settings page.

· Fixed a bug upon checkout of item when using Stripe.

· Fixed a bug not displaying translated variants value.

· Fixed a bug showing ‘Singapore’ as default value for country dropdown on Subscription page.

· fixed overlapping header and filter buttons on Inbox page when using mobile.