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Features Updates


Patch Notes

Core features/enhancements

· guID will now be shown instead of the 5-digit Order ID and Merchant ID on the following user pages: Admin’s Transaction List (Order ID column), Transaction Details page (Order ID on top of each order), Item List (Merchant ID in the Merchant column. Merchant’s Order List page (Order ID column), Order Details page (Order ID), and Buyer/URL (URL of Item Details page) and (URL of merchant Storefront page

· Buyer filter is a new search filter for all transactions on the Admin portal.

· Scale consult panel for promoting SCALE package to clients by offering a free scheduled consultation.

· Item Details.csv enhancement. Existing ‘Payment Status’ from payment gateway has been renamed to ‘Gateway Status’.

· Item Details.csv enhancement new column added ‘Payment Status’ pulls the payment status from the order type.


· System enhancement of ‘read’ flag to recognize the action of a sub-account after reading a new message.

· block out date on seller Edit/Upload page with new input fields: Start Time and End Time. Users will now be able to set Start Date Time and End Date Time

· block out times and unavailable hours will now be displayed on the Availability Calendar Week tab and Day tab.

· Validation on selected date and time upon checkout

· Item Details page Date Picker (calendar) for Spacetime API will now validate to the timestamp level and calendar will grey out days that has been assigned as ‘Closed’


· Fixed a bug when user checkout a service using Stripe.

· Fixed a display issue of ‘beta’ label from Merchant Sub Account page

· Fixed a display issue of selected date format for booking Start and End date placeholder when using mobile.

· Fixed a bug that displays coupon value on Order Details of old transactions.

· Fixed a bug that does not display a toaster message after logging incorrect credentials twice.

· Fixed a bug causing Price Range to be displayed differently on Search Results page

· Fixed a bug on Search Results page that displays ‘No matches were found’, after user location is Allowed or Block.

· Fixed a bug causing unresponsive ‘Pay Now’ button when using Firefox.

· Fixed a bug not displaying Service Availability on Order Details with overnight booking type.

· Fixed a bug that is not displaying Leave Feedback button, when selected language is not English.

· Fixed a bug that displays extra modal pop-up upon updating Order Status and Payment Status from Transaction List

· Fixed a bug from Checkout page, user is unable to click Pay Now button when 3DS is enabled.

· Fixed a bug when service duration is ‘custom per minutes’, missing booking Start and End time

· Fixed a bug on Edit/Upload and Item Details page, embed video is not removed after editing it from the item.

· Fixed a bug that displays incorrect payment status on Admin Transaction List and Details page

· fixed a bug on the calendar displaying booked dates twice.

· fixed a bug with dates not available in Opening Hours is not greyed-out in Calendar.

· fixed a bug where user can book sessions even if selected date is not available in the Opening Hours.

· Fixed a bug that displays incorrect order of delivery address, Checkout Review page

· Fixed a bug on Payment Status dropdown not displaying ‘Processing’.

· Fixed a bug incorrect display of duration filter on Admin Dashboard.

· Fixed a bug not displaying Availability calendar on Edit/upload page when using mobile.

· Fixed a bug not displaying Delivery Method, Delivery Price and Minimum Lead Time on a Failed Transaction status changed to ‘Paid’.

· Fixed a bug that displays an error on page when logging-in a deleted user using their Google email.

· Fixed a bug on the redirection from Checkout page when guest sign-in

· Fixed a bug that displays broken image of the marketplace logo.

· Fixed a bug translation is not saved from Edit Translate Item page

· Fixed a bug that does not automatically set the Payment Status to ‘Paid’ upon setting Order Status to ‘Delivered’ or ‘Collected’.

· Fixed a bug on Users CSV, not displaying sub-Admin accounts.

· Fixed a bug on Purchase List and Details page displaying only 1 entry of item for multi-seller checkout.

· Fixed a bug on missing search text field on Merchant and Category dropdown

· Fixed a bug pulling wrong payment status for transactions moved from Failed Transaction.

· Fixed a bug displaying invalid login message upon entering incorrect old password.

· Fixed a bug pulling modified English language on Account Suspended, Welcome Mail and Review Prompt EDMs and not the saved language of Seller and Buyer.

· Fixed a bug not displaying the entire date picker from Service Details page when using mobile.

· Fixed a bug broken displayed image of searched items with variants.

· Fixed a bug not displaying consumer message in chat thread.

· Fixed a bug with disabled items that can still be checkout.

· Fixed a bug not displaying Google or Facebook logo if the main merchant used Google or Facebook as their login.

· Fixed a bug that displays asterisk (*) on WEIGHT and non-mandatory custom fields upon edit of an item.

· Fixed the display issue of a red line on Category when adding a service.

· Fixed a bug on Order Details page not reflecting correct PDF file.

· Fixed a bug that creates two Order ID and Invoice ID after checking out using Omise, after cancelling custom payment.

· Fixed a bug when uploading images using mobile rotates automatically after saving.

· Fixed a bug on predictive text for Country, State, Street address and City are not displaying.