Product updates

We are constantly adding and enhancing our platform with new features.
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Features Updates


Patch Notes

Core features/enhancements

· Including location as part of query when doing search for Spacetime template.

· Slider enhancement – additional functionality for customization text editor, link URL to text, text and search bar positioning

· Trigger notification to CS via EDM – if user sign-up using the same email has been reached (new marketplace onboarding)

· Single page marketplace onboarding for new marketplace.

Features for Enterprise:

· Elastic Search feature – enhanced search experience after integrating Elastic App Search with the marketplace.

· Content Security Policy – it will enhance frontend security on the page, Admin will be able to restrict how resources such as JavaScript, CSS, or anything that the browser loads.


· List (Wishlist) – API to get item/listing to be added or removed from the list.

Change log

· Fixed a bug on date picker for Item Details to show grayed-out dates based from the service provider schedule

· Fixed a bug not displaying the whole subscription banner on Order Details, Invoice Details, and Portal Domain page.

· Fixed a bug with the unresponsive ‘x’ button from the selected filter option.

· Fixed a bug causing blank Homepage.

· Fixed a bug not displaying Stripe Holding Funds text on Admin User Details page.

· Fixed a bug causing blank Search Results page.

· Fixed the server error upon clicking text link from Homepage slider.

· Fixed a bug displaying zero ‘0’ on Weight custom field after selecting a different language.

· Fixed a bug that allows merchant to create an item while a mandatory custom field does not have value.

· Fixed a bug that does not load custom fields on Edit Item page, of an item being edited.

· Fixed a bug displaying incorrect number of items found while Search Results page is loading.

· Fixed a bug that displays listings not within the radius, when searching by country location.

· Fixed a bug not triggering EDM’s for newly created marketplace.

· Fixed a bug with Admin meta item options, not displaying “Allow meta item only” text.

· Fixed a bug on Buyer Purchase Order List status not reflecting the status changes applied by the merchant from Booking List or Details page.

· Fixed a bug displaying an error after adding multiple sliders from Homepage Layout page.

· Fixed a bug displaying “Sign in with Facebook” button on Admin sign in page through

· Fixed a bug with Admin and Merchant Activity Log not displaying guID of users from User ID column.

· Fixed a bug with Theme 3 not displaying price for Spacetime Search Results page.

· Fixed a bug when buyer sends interest to be a seller for a private marketplace, added toaster message informing user that email/username has to be unique.

· Fixed bug on Spacetime Search Results page sort not working.

· Fixed UI overlap of merchant image with listing name.

· Fixed broken UI display from Admin Login page.

· Fixed a bug from Account Info not showing notification email used during onboarding.

· Fixed a bug showing ‘NaN’ when editing an items variant with a blank weight

· Fixed a bug with Add/Edit Item page, unable to edit and save items with variants.

· Fixed a bug with Item Details page custom fields value updates based on weight of selected variant.

· Fixed a bug showing empty details page for Invoice and Order Details page for Admin.

· Fixed a bug showing incorrect value in Weight textfields on Edit Text from Admin portal.

· Fixed a bug not showing ‘Delivery From’ value on Admin Order Details page.

· Fixed a bug that shows incorrect Total value when item bulk pricing.

· Fixed a bug from Payment page when user checkout using Stripe payment method.

· Fixed a bug with Invoice List, incorrect invoice behavior after successful payment. While Status Configuration is enabled.

· Fixed a bug from User Settings that displays white page to user and unable to onboard.

· Fixed a bug on Seller Delivery Settings unable to add decimal on Delivery Cost field.

· Fixed a bug from Homepage that shows blank page.

· Fixed a bug from Admin User Details page that shows misaligned label ‘Send password reset email’ button.

· Fixed a bug from Item Details page mobile view, misaligned display of ‘Add to Cart’ button and Favorite Icon.

· Fixed a bug that caused Review section to overlap with ‘Book now’ button. Mobile view.

· Fixed a bug that shows incorrect text label for Consumer filter.

· Fixed a bug from Admin Order Details and Invoice Details page that shows incorrect item/service description.

· Fixed a bug from Scheduler feature, redirection of info icon.